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Various cabarets

Some little pieces of various cabaret-shows performed at "la Soupape", in Brussels

Also, big thanks to Michel because he offers the possibility to new or beginner artists to be able to perform on-stage, to be able to present their creations for the pleasure of the audience. Seen the little interest of the Belgian State for artistic activities, BIG BRAVOOO to all of those, like Michel, who fight against the "BIG-commercial-flow" to offer real touching cultural experiences !!! Not like TV shows, Starac,... etc. When we see how New York lives thanks to the artistic field, it's impressive, and the city really needs it to survive ! The attitude of everybody there towards the artists is very different from here. Artists are not considered like unemployed-useless people or BUMS !! And when you go to auditions, everything is taken seriously, you know that you still can audition a lot of time during the same day for lots of other projects and the casting directors are happy to discover everybody and everybody gets his chance for INTERESTING projects !!!

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"Tell me there's a heaven" - Chris Rea - 1
"Tell me there's a heaven" - Chris Rea - 2
"L'aigle noir" - Barbara
"Bizarre" - Romain Didier

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Falling in love with you

Recorded by Didier Rombauts - without effets (just the smallest reverb the software could make)

Recorded for personal educational purpose. In my research of my own voice. The objective here is not to have a final product but for me to have all this work in front of the mike and listening to the resonance, paying attention to the rhythm, notes, ... And then listen the recording in order to discover ALL THE THINGS that can be tweaked. And there is a lot of work !! ;-)

Full song:

The Quest/La Quete (French extract from "The man of la Mancha")

Recorded and mixed by Romain Drouillon
Piano backing by Raphaël Angelini

Test recording. First one in front of the mike and all the things I have to manage for the song. First step in me voice research....




La Danse des Reves

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soon !!!


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