Voice: Baritone Height: 5'9'' Hair: Black
Weight: 151lbs Eyes: Brown


The 3 Musketeers (English & French – swordfights) Porthos A. Alexis, USA
The Crucible (English) Danforth A. Alexis, USA
Worldwide ROBBERY of the citizens by politicians, banksters & big corporations The politician Y. Reekmans, Brussels
California, Curse of the Starving Class (Sam Shepard) Wesley N. Tiberghien, Brussels
Spartacus (CANCELLED ...) Ajax Moosehall Theatre Cy, New York
SAFD Certification Rapier & Dagger R.G.Ravitts & M.Chin, New York
scene - The Taming of the Shrew Petruccio D. Nicodème
scene - The Bear Smirnov D. Nicodème
scene - The Seagull Treplev D. Nicodème
Various shows - dance, hamlet, agamemnon, Tales, mime, COMMEDIA DEL ARTE, melodrama...    
Musicals & cabarets
Various cabarets Multiple characters Cabaret, A. Ganzevoort
la danse des reves Ren Musical, A. Paluku
PILGRIMAGE (2015) Stunt-swordfighter Feature film, B. Muldowney
ARTIST&CO Yvan Clip, Noonz
ManacoA Doc Short, Kino Cabaret, D.A.Garcia
UNDERGROUND Sylvestre Webserie, D. Pierrat
Ex-Funeris Zombie Court, A. Drouet
7eme ciel Delivery guy Serie, La1
le juge - kramer contre kramer Husband Serie, AB3
end of the line Stanislas Short, B. Weyens
Je consomme, moi non plus Connecting thread Report on "green" initiatives
Dubbing & Voiceover
Dubbing: Max Adventures (Twitch), Inazuma (Paolo, Torch, Demonio), Hero 108 (Mighty Ray), Mermaid Melody (T. Mitsuki), Dive Olly Dive! (Doug), Corleone (Biagio-young), Greek (Peter Parkes, Andy), Kid vs Kat (Harley), Satisfaction (Gus, Smith), The Care Bears (Messy Bear), Naruto the Movie 2 (Temujin), Zorori the Naughty Hero (Demon-Bear), Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 3 (Jesse), Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 2 (Lorenzo), Ma vie à moi (Carsten), Fortier (Mathieu)
Beyblade, Winx Club, Dalziel & Pascoe, Flight 29 down, Doctor Who, Tekkonkinkreet, KND, Sea of Souls, The Emperor's club, Seraphim Falls, Young Lions, The Debut, Critters Gritters, Spiderman,...
Voiceover: industrial cdrom (Accenture), documentaries, musical (La fille du diable)
Commercials - TV & PRINTS
TV: Maredsous, P. Paulus, Restaurant's tickets, driving security for IBSR, AWEX, Proximus, Coca-cola
PRINTS: catalogs (Décathlon, Mobistar)
Education & Training
Theatre, movement, vocal training (3 years) - Jacques Lecoq technique - Kleine Academie - Brussels, Belgium
- Approach: materials, body, characters, masks, rhythms, animals, breathing, song interpretation,...
- Workshops: tales, mime, melodrama, tragedy, Shakespeare, on-camera, Commedia del' arte & clown.
Meisner Acting workshop   P. Berkowitch
SAFD Certification for Rapier & Dagger   R.G. Ravitts & M. Chin (New York)
Stage/theatrical combat swordfighting (ongoing) C. Currier & J. Lewis (Los Angeles), J. Capelle (Belgium)
Rifles & Shotguns performance (WW1, WW2,…)   C. Currier & R. Hamilton (Los Angeles)
Scene Study & Diction   D. Nicodème
Improvisation   B. Van Dorslaer
On-Camera workshop   P. Miner, (New York)
Legit & Belt singing & training (ongoing) P. Gerimon
    S. Silverstein & R. Kaufmann (New York)
Choir (ongoing) A. Platteau
Voice & Cabaret   A. Ganzevoort
A Cappella singing   Tam’echo’Tam
Hiphop/Funk/Latino dancing   DWA school
Acrobatics/trickz   E. Guillaume
Degree in Commercial & Financial Sciences - Specialization: I.T.- These: investment e-profiling - ICHEC, Brussels
Communication & Narrative Arts - Painting/Cinema/Editing - ERG, Brussels
Special Skills
Conversational in French (native), English, Dutch, Spanish (beginner) - Accents: Brussels, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, American, ... Various sport clubs: Rugby (national selections & junior FIRA World Championship), volleyball, handball, table tennis, basketball. Do: kitesurf, windsurf, rollerblade, snowboard, stage combat. IT consultant/teacher, film editing&webdesign, cd illustration, camp counselor - kids&teens (Clubmed), kitesurf repair, catwalks, organic crop, cooking,.. Have: driving license, European passport. Vibrate with: beauty of nature, green building, Earthships, free energy, universal healthcare & basic income guarantee, adventure travels, other cultures, forms & ways of life, permaculture, sharing life experiences, team work,...

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