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Dance - others

Le Jardinier

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Animation - Camp counselling
Camp counsellor- G.O. Club Med

--> Pictures : Camp cousellor for kids

Wengen : I like to drive them crazy !!! ;-) (Yvan in the centre)

Wengen : rehearsals for the Miniclub show (Yvan in the bottom-left corner with his little princess ;-)..)


--> Pictures: Camp counsellor for teens

Kos : end of the show, they take me like a Pharaon !!! yéééé i like it, but i'm scared to faaaaaaaalllllll !! ;-)

Beldi : little improvisation, I scream so that every teen comes with me to disturb the photographer busy with seriouuuuuus pictures ;-) We were busy with a volleyball competition, but ... who cares !!! ;-) Great teens there, we enjoyed a lot ! Like in Kos !!


--> Pictures : Windsurf trainer

Little demonstration ;-)... this day was a crowded one for this lesson.


Fashion shows
Serbian Fashion Show

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