"Si tu veux mon avis, dans 3 tours ce duel sera terminé ! Mamma mia, quelle perte de temps ! Et maintenant regarde faire le professionnel..." -Lorenzo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx)


Voiceover for Animation
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Max Adventures Twitch Gulli
Inazuma Paolo Bianchi, Torch, Demonio Strada,... Disney XD
Pichi Pichi Pich Mitsuki Canal J
Dive Olly Dive ! Doug Playhouse Disney, France 5, Boomerang
Corleone Biagio Schiro (young)  
Greek Andy (Season 2) June/Virgin 17
Hero 108 Mighty Ray Cartoon network, Gulli
Soko View Vienna Crime Squad Spitzer, Andy  
Kid VS Kat Harley Disney XD
Satisfaction Smith (Season 2), Gus  
Naruto The Movie 2 (Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel) Temujin  
The Care Bears - Big Wish (Movie) Messy Bear DVD
Zorori The Naughty Hero Demon Boomerang TV
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Jesse (Season 3), Lorenzo (Season 2) Canal J, Gulli TV
Tekkonkinkreet Dusk Cinema
Ma vie a moi (KD2A) Carsten FR2
Fortier Mathieu TMC
Shameless, Winx club, Patito, SIS, Initial D, Hatching Pete, Dalziel & Pascoe, Flight 29 down, Doctor Who, KND, Sea of Souls, The Emperor's club, Young Lions, The Debut, Seraphim Falls, Critters Gritters, Spiderman, ...
industrial cdrom (Accenture), documentarIEs, musical (La fille du diable)

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