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MAredsous - Fagotin



CATERER Pierre Paulus

Since I got called for so few commercials opportunities through my agencies, and since they often take a large pourcentage, I have to find productions by myself as much as often as I can. Because I HATE to always wait for their CALL ! Fortunately some productions take care of their money and do their own casting calls. Better for them, better for us ! The day my agents will bring me more jobs I'll think differently...

So, after an audition at RTL-TVI, I'm in for the role of the designer of the catwalk made to present the dishes of caterer Pierre Paulus. RTL has an efficient team, professionalism, open mind and human approach. This is so rare in this field ! It allowed me to be at ease and bring the best of my acting, by improvising for many situations where they needed it. And also to work well wih their excellent shooter.

Great job Thomas, Laetitia, Jesse, ...

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Tickets Restaurants

Funny this one ! ;-)

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Mobistar 2009

Happy to have been chosen for this project ! Happy that people had confidence in me for this !
The team was friendly and pro, I enjoyed this shooting a lot. Thanks to all of you !

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new products catalog - Decathlon 2007

Thanks Decathlon!! A big black line on my face and on the other picture beautifull hair don't you think ? ;-) Yes sure this is my hair !!! ;-) ... Should I mention that I'm very beautiful on the pictures I made for trekking shoes ?? ;-)


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