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Worldwide ROBBERY of the citizens by politicians, banksters & big corporations

People is rising ! The global lie is falling apart !

People of Wisconsin, of London, Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece,... you all ROCK !! YOU understand that it is the ALL SYSTEM that is destroying you and us too. Ireland will lead the way too by refusing to pay the bailout of private banks like we all had to do under pressure by FMI, World Bank, EU, ...

California, curse of the starving class (Sam Shepard)

So this is it, I'm involved in this project to play the role of Wesley in this master piece of Sam Shepard. This little Wesley is so often onstage that I realized the amount of work (memory, play, precision,...) for this show.
Despite this heavy task of rehearsals, researches, fix things, movements, words, then unfix them to find other ways of playing, improvise, sweat,... all the group is has a good feeling with each other, so it is going to be a good artistic experience.

This is where I discover the REAL work for theatre. All this part that the public never sees, that it is never aware of. All those long months of rehearsals. Not beeing paid during all those moments in order to have only few days of playing onstage, for this final release. And realize at the end that all this in order to earn no money, just enough to pay the place where we play. Because thay ask so much for the evening and thay still take everything on all the drinks they sell. Generating a good reputation thanks to us, thanks to all the artists coming and playing with their heart....

So, as every good actor or artist, I have to develop and use other skills to survive. So I have been creating lots of illustrations for shows or cd's,... It was my duty to do the illustration for this show. And I hope you'll like it...


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After a first audition in a college north of Manhattan (Inwood), i have a callback to perform 2 roles. I have finally a last callback to audition for swordfights. Back in Brussels (I had to leave the U.S. before my visa ends) i receive a call. They told me that i was taken for the role of Ajax and for various choreographies !!!

This open air show will take place this summer for the yearly Shakespeare Festival


June 2007: Bad news for me !!

I was ready to go back to New York for this project and they tell me that "they cannot hire me" because I'm considered as a "NON-RESIDENT ALIEN" and they remind me that "the project is not paid".

Since it is not paid I did not see the problem. Equity was ready to let me work but it was too late when I realized the production did not ask them. So I couldn't join the casted team just because of this. It is not a matter of skills, but a matter of administrative stuff & asking the people.

Let's just take it like a big joke and feeling good about beeing considered like an "ALIEN" !! I suppose I should be GREEN then ?... I maybe should transform myself in a card. I'd be a big green card. Just perfect ! LOL. And no worries for this lost project. I'll be BACK ! ;-)


SAFD Certification - Rapier & Dagger

After 3 months of classes in the north-west Lutherian Church on Broadway, we passed the final exam with our teacher (Ricky Ravitts) and Michael Chin in order to "deserve" our rapier and dagger certification from the American Society of Fight Directors. The first part of the test was a prepared scene/choreography. The second part was a master class with M. Chin. The video shows a some movements we had to learn in a few minutes.

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Scene - The taming of the Shrew


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Various - Dance, Hamlet, Agamemnon, Mime, Tale, Melodrama, Tragedy

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